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Mary Elias

“There’s no one type of spouse that I value or assist above another. Those distinctions are purely emotional. I value fairness and I absolutely love when I assist one or both spouses to operate in the ‘sunshine.’ Facts illuminate even the darkest situations.”

Mary Elias, Principal

Holding a degree in accounting, Mary Elias is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. Mary is a certified specialist, particularly and specifically trained to analyze and evaluate divorce settlements. Her expertise extends to the tax implications of dividing property, options for dividing pensions/401(k) plans, marital property, and the awarding of spousal support and child support. She continues to serve as a financial expert in divorce cases, and is an expert witness in trials. She presents powerful analysis and data to substantiate, support and sustain claims.

Also a Certified Management Accountant, Mary Elias has more than 30 years experience in core accounting. She takes great pride and satisfaction in helping spouses struggling with the financial aspects of divorce understand the ramifications of accepting a proposed financial settlement. Her training and experience allows her to prepare various settlement options for her clients to review. She takes equal pride in helping spouses proposing a settlement to do so from the optimally informed point of view.

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